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Fahed Al Essa
Co-founder, Mayv
“Chronically Capable has been the greatest resource for us. Building a company for the chronically ill, we felt we owed it to our community to provide job opportunities for them. 

Chronically capable allowed us to deliver on that promise. From proper onboarding, marketing our job posts, ensuring the hiring process went smoothly and feedback; Hannah was our rock through this whole process."
Gabriela Bell
Organized Q
"Chronically Capable has helped Organized Q find well-qualified and diverse talent that has helped our business grow! We are so impressed with Chronically Capable’s mission and vision of advocating for inclusive professional opportunities for the chronically ill, that we have begun using more inclusive messaging in our own hiring practices and team building and the feedback has been outstanding.

We highly recommend partnering and working with Chronically Capable to help provide new work opportunities for those who need it most, while also strengthening a company’s social impact."

Hannah and the entire Chronically Capable team are genuine in their approach to helping those with chronic illness find jobs that are fulfilling. I met Hannah during her “Office Hours”, an upfront and personal Q&A time that she provides for anyone interested. It was a very short time after that meeting when Hannah reached out to me with a “hot” lead that led to employment within three weeks.

I landed a great job with a company that strives to create an “inclusive” workplace, so different from what I was used to. Chronically Capable is seeking out employers that want to work with YOU! Hannah truly believes in the value a Chronically Capable person brings to the workplace. I am very grateful for their work. Chronically Capable is the real deal!

Deanna B.

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