Our Story

My name is Hannah Olson, and I have chronic Lyme disease. I was finally diagnosed with the disease my sophomore year of college, after months of misdiagnosis.

Many people know Lyme Disease is caused by tick bites, but most people are unaware of how aggressive the treatment is to combat it, and how hard it is to balance with a full time job.

I realized this first hand after I landed my first job out of college at a top-tier design agency. Like any new hire, I was working long hours and trying to establish myself in the company, but I had the added difficulty of having to be on an IV for 6 hours a day. Not to mention the 28 pills I had to remember to take. Ultimately, I got completely burnt out and had to prioritize my health over the work I was passionate about.

This was so defeating. But I learned I was not alone.

Over 133 million Americans suffer from a chronic illness and are put in a similar situation of sacrificing their dreams to accommodate their illness. Discovering the scale of this issue, I was resolved to come up with a solution. I was not going to let my disease dictate my potential.

And after landing my next job at a cutting-edge tech startup, Chronically Capable was born.

Chronically Capable is a platform that strives to connect the chronically ill with meaningful work and flexible employers, so that no one ever has to decide between their life’s passions and their health again.

You can upload your resume, and we’ll match you with jobs that fit your interests and skill level, so you can spend less time searching for jobs and more time focusing on your wellbeing.


Hannah Olson

Founder & CEO

Katie Mayer

Robin Kurosawa

Lead Engineer

Kai Keane

Chief Operations Officer