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Chronically Capable Employer FAQs

What type of opportunities are the talent in your network looking for?


• Freelance or Contract
• Part-time opportunities
• Full-time opportunities
• Paid internships or returnships

What kind of talent is on the Chronically Capable platform? 


The candidates you will find on our platform have track records of professional achievement and are seeking opportunities with inclusive employers that respect and support work / life integration. On average, candidates in our network have an undergraduate or advanced degree and several years of experience working for well-respected companies. 

Functional areas where we have the strongest concentration are:
• Customer Service
• Sales
• Marketing
• Technology
• Finance and Accounting
• Human Resources
• Legal
• Operations

Where do you find your network of talent?


Many members of our platform find us through word of mouth from friends and family and social media. Additionally, we’ve established strong relationships with chronic illness/ disability communities, top universities, and professional organizations to create broader awareness.

What size companies is Chronically Capable appropriate for?


Companies of all sizes! We enjoy working with small businesses, Fortune 500 enterprises and everyone in between. Feel free to explore the full list of our employer partners here.

Do all candidates on Chronically Capable seek remote work?


Nope! When a company provides us with their hiring needs, they can specify if the work is primarily in office, remote or a combination of the two.

My company is hiring! How can Chronically Capable help us find qualified talent?


By posting your job and hiring workers through Chronically Capable, not only are you receiving the highest-quality talent, but you are also serving as a powerful force in reducing the stigma around hiring chronically ill workers. We’ll cast a wide net on your search and help you find qualified candidates who are eager to begin working.

What is the 7% utilization goal you mention?


Updated in Section 503, these regulations establish a nationwide 7% utilization goal for qualified IWDS. Also called a utilization or aspirational goal, this requirement is not a quota, but a way to ensure that federal contractors include disabilities in their strategies around recruitment and hiring.

Isn’t it expensive to implement workplace accommodations?


Many companies are not currently taking advantage of the benefits of hiring chronically ill persons, as employers are concerned about the costs of accommodating, when in reality, these are actually minimal and fruitful investments. As we make more companies aware of the potential gains and share and elevate the success stories, we can quickly get more persons with illnesses and disabilities into the workplace, where they can actually thrive.

Do you offer support to employers beyond just providing a job board?


Yes, we offer supplemental services! We’ll help you onboard your new staff members through personalized training programs and coaching services. If you’re looking for some extra educational opportunities, we’ll send our CEO to come speak to your staff members about best practices. Additionally, inadequate marketing is a common barrier to increasing diversity. We can help change that, setting your company apart with custom graphics, original videos, and co-written articles.

Are applicants and current employees required to disclose their illness or disability?


In short, no, however, employers should encourage applicants and current employees to be open about their needs so that they can work to create realistic need-based accommodations. Businesses that want to encourage disclosure should ensure that they clearly communicate inclusion and non-discrimination as a workplace value and should back this statement by a willingness to make accommodations and promote a supportive culture and work environment.

I’m in! How do I begin using Chronically Capable?


Great! Simply reach out to us or book a demo to get started. As soon as you are onboarded, you’ll have access to a unique dashboard created just for you. Then, sit back, relax, and start watching the applications flow in!

Still have questions? Email us at

The future of work is Chronically Capable, are you?