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All the jobs Chronically Capable offers are remote, and the jobs submitted directly to us are confirmed to start at a minimum of $20/hour. These jobs will be donated with the "Chronically Capable" label. However, to aid you in your search, we've also included remote positions from across the web!

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Premier Customer Champion Team Lead


Come view the job at, we invite you to apply!
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Sr. Customer Success Manager


Come view the job at, we invite you to apply!
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Associate Roles

Democracy Works

Location: Brooklyn, NY or remote within the US

Target Start Date: April 1, 2020

Salary Range: $57,000 - $72,000 annually

Benefits: Vision, dental, & medical insurance; 403(b) retirement savings plan; generous vacation policy; parental leave; long-term disability; employee assistance program

Level: Junior
Role Type: Full time, permanent

Here’s how it works:

1. You’ll submit your resume and answer a few questions for us below.

2. We’ll send you a practical exercise to complete within one week.

3. We’ll anonymously grade the practical exercises and select the highest scoring candidates for interviews.

4. There will be two rounds of interviews during which we’ll learn about each candidate. During these interviews, candidates will have the opportunity to ask us questions about the roles and teams below. These interviews are evaluative, but they’re also meant to give you space to learn about which role might be the best fit for you.

5. We will choose a set of finalists.

6. We’ll ask finalists to rank their preferred roles as we begin checking references for each finalist.

7. We’ll select seven of our finalists to hire into our open roles, taking candidate preferences into account. We’ll then make offers to our finalists. --

Open Roles:

1. Government Associate 2. Voting Information Project Outreach Associate 3. Research Associate 4. Partner Outreach Associate 5. Partner Support Associates (three positions open) Please find a full description of each role in the included link. --

Application Instructions:

To apply, please send a resume and respond to the following questions (instead of a cover letter) using the included link. In your responses, please include only the following information:

1. How did you find this job listing? 2. In one sentence, what makes you interested in Democracy Works? 3. In one sentence, what makes you interested in submitting an application for these roles? 4. Would you be available to start by April 1st, 2020? 5. Are you willing to work at a non-partisan organization? 6. Do you have experience working on, or adjacent to, the development of technology? [Required for the Government Associate Role] 7. Do you have experience working with external partners or stakeholders in some capacity?

As part of our application, you’ll see an optional form used to collect EEOC demographic information. The data collected in this form is useful in our EEOC reporting and in our assessment of our recruitment practices. However, please keep in mind that the standardized EEOC language used in this form does not reflect the values of Democracy Works--for example, we don’t view gender as binary. We also encourage all applicants to state their pronouns when applying for any job opening at Democracy Works.

Democracy Works is committed to diversity and inclusion in everything we do and aspires to have a team that's representative of the voters we serve. When hiring, we practice proactive outreach to top talent that’s underrepresented in our sector. We conduct an anonymized skills evaluation, to reduce implicit bias and resume-dependency in our process. We're a woman- and gay-founded nonprofit, and promote an inclusive culture that stands against racism, sexism, homophobia, and ableism (to name a few).

To be explicit, we strongly encourage applicants of all races, ethnicities, political party associations, religions (or lack thereof), national origins, sexual orientations, genders, sexes, ages, abilities, and branches of military service. Feel free to contact if you have any questions about our commitment to inclusion or about general hiring practices, or if you need an accommodation for a medical condition during the hiring process. Democracy Works posts all current career opportunities at

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Part-time Brand Ambassador at BayGrown Farms

Bay Grown Farms

Mission of BayGrown Farms Ambassadors/ Educators:

”Driven by the purpose of education by spreading the knowledge of cannabinoids and herbs"


We are looking for problem solvers. Our problem is that not enough people know the basics or the science behind hemp and its compounds. Self-direction is key along with truthful character to be able to speak and relate to people. We are here to educate consumers so they can feel safe while using our products. Providing the educational resources for you to promote on your platform of choice will help us spread the correct information to the masses much quicker than Paul Revere and Brown Beauty.


- Accountability

- Truthful character - possesses various leadership qualities

- Outgoing personality

- Active member in your community (town, medical groups, athletic teams, etc.)

- Social media outreach: be a brand ambassador for Bay Grown Farms.

Personalized Portal:

We are creating a portal on our web site for ambassadors to login. Ambassadors will be able to:

- Access sales made with their discount code

- View an Ambassador Map (shows where other ambassadors reside)

- Utilize our Business Card Template

- Order sample product boxes (small boxes at wholesale)

Your Plant Program:

We will assign a plant from the spring - harvest and send a top nug of hemp along with personalized BGF memorabilia to each ambassador after every harvest. Ambassadors will also be allowed access to our farm during the season to see the plants as well.

Apply to: and make sure to mention Chronically Capable as your reference.

Freelance Editors

Freelanceeditors play a pivotal role in our business model and help us in ensuringauthor satisfaction by editing academic papers meant for publication in highlyacclaimed international journals, across a vast range of subject areas.

Editing expertise required in any of these subjects

·      Life Sciences(Biosciences, Neurosciences, Food Science, etc.)

·      Medicine(Radiology/Imaging, Rehabilitation Sciences, Surgery, etc.)

·      Physical Science(Material Science, Chemistry, Energy and power, etc.)

·      Engineering

Enago ( will ensure

·       Possibility of a guaranteed monthly income whilefreelancing:

Apart from offering work in the typical freelancing manner, we alsooffer opportunities that guarantee a minimum monthly/annual income, along withthe possibility of an additional annual bonus (monetary), based on yourperformance.

·       A smooth performance-driven progression curve with aneffective feedback mechanism:

This ensures that the expectation mismatch is nearly zero. In the past,the strong professional bonding with our freelance editors has also led tomutual recommendations—a definite plus factor!

·       A rewarding experience, both monetarily andintellectually:

You will get the opportunity to apply your domain knowledge and skillsto help non-native authors present their work to the world through esteemedjournals and renowned conferences, with the flexibility of timings dedicated toediting.

Qualitieswe look for in our freelance editors

o  Proficiency andcompetence in the most widely spoken language across the world—English!

o  Knack for diligentlyediting, restructuring, and polishing articles written by non-native speakers

o  Appropriatemanuscript format* that conforms to academic conventions in terms of citationstyle, layout, section headings, and tense usage

o  Preservation of theauthor’s intended meaning even in papers where the content requires extensiverevision

o  Extensive subjectmatter expertise

o  Minimum 3 years of relevantcopyediting/academic editing experience

* Freelance editors also thoroughly format themanuscript as per mentioned journal guidelines when clients opt for our journalformatting service

Aglimpse at what you would edit

Youwill be assigned papers of varying difficulty levels (in terms of English,subject matter expertise, and extent of revision needed) written by non-nativespeakers in either English or their native language (translated papers). Thesepapers are written by what we believe constitute an eclectic group of authorsand writers, i.e., we receive work from not only scientists, researchers, andstudents but also corporates, linguists, and common man trying to communicatein English—from the latest in cutting-edge technology to the timeless fascinationwith history and arts!

Selection Process

1)     We examine your CV/resume and check whether youroverall profile meets our requirements.

2)     We send you a doctored editing sample designed to testyour editing skills and subject matter expertise.

3)     If selected, we present you with a contract, whichincludes a freelancer agreement, terms of service, and other relevantdocuments.

Know more about:  

Enago @  

Membership @

Bandcamp is looking for a clever, convivial individual to join our interdisciplinary, ultradedicated, unusually well-loved support team. You are a superb and compassionate communicator, obsessively detail oriented, and possess a strong desire to get to the bottom of how things work (or why they don’t). You are willing to spend the majority of your day crafting helpful messages because you, like us, believe that customer support is not a necessary evil, but rather a critical business function as powerful as any product feature. Indeed, you’re not looking for a traditional customer support role, you’re looking to learn, grow, and contribute in meaningful ways to a company whose mission you believe in. You will: • Use your expert knowledge of the site to field email inquiries from an amazing (but not always 100% sober) customer base of artists, labels, and fans. • Follow, review, and test new project developments to stay several steps ahead of potential support issues. • Perform analyses on common problems to identify, report, and correct usability snags (and other surprises). • Hone our help docs and internal processes with the objective of putting yourself out of a job reducing the support team’s load. About you: • Your writing is clear, concise, empathetic and 99.9999% of the time typo-free. Your grammar is impeccable. Full stop. • You are able to retain an enormous, ever-changing set of specific details, and live for the little blast of dopamine that comes from connecting the pieces. • You are familiar enough with HTML/CSS/JavaScript to know when opening your browser’s page inspector will be especially illuminating. • You live anywhere, but your workday overlaps with 9am-5pm PST for at least four hours. • Extra credit: you are already a Bandcamp user (applicants with both Fan and Artist accounts are entitled to bonus points). To apply, please visit

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Product Designer for No-code App Builder


Our Mission

We're on a mission to let anyone create software, by building a platform to let you build apps without code. We want to change the way software is built. That's a pretty big task, and we've got some exciting problems.About the roleIf you're a MULTI-SKILLED PRODUCT DESIGNER (UI+UX+Product), come and help us design a modular product that empowers non-developers to build the software they need.- You'll be creating a flexible design system that we can be customized by the user and still look great.

- You'll be taking common web features like news feed and messaging, and stripping them down to their most pure form so they work in any app.- You'll be designing a set of modules that let non-technical users feel empowered and able to create amazing, innovative apps.

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Content Marketing Manager

Chili Piper

Job Description

The content marketing manager will spearhead the development and implementation of Chili Piper’s content strategy. This includes building a content calendar, creating a writing process and delivery strategy, managing writers, contributing to social media posts, and ultimately, crafting interesting and well-researched content that drives traffic and engages site visitors.

Key Responsibilities

  • Develop Chili Piper’s brand strategy to deeply resonate among our target market and collaborate with key stakeholders to drive customer acquisition initiatives through brand storytelling
  • Work with our design team to effectively articulate Chili Piper’s brand identity and position through color, art style, iconography, and design across digital and print media
  • Ensure consistent brand style and messaging across all online and offline external communication channels
  • Create a content strategy involving team members across the company to attract new customers, empower existing customers, position our team as experts in their field, and position the company as a leader in the marketing and sales space
  • Write and edit corporate messaging and customer-facing copy, including, blogs, infographics, etc. that clearly communicate Chili Piper’s brand identity, voice and positioning for digital and print
  • Manage workflows and editorial calendars for internal and external resources -- define project requirements, schedules and budgets
  • Serve as brand consultant to build and manage relationships with key marketing and technologist stakeholders and SMEs
  • Lead engagements with research agencies on brand, customers, technology and industry trends
  • Manage content vendors and contractors
  • Continually develop Chili Piper’s brand and thought leadership through a comprehensive content strategy spanning blog posts, webinars, videos etc.
  • Help inspire team members across all departments to publish thought leadership content on the blog regularly and help promote and distribute it
  • Regularly find speaking and interview opportunities (podcasts & webinars) for yourself and other members of the team
  • Regularly post on company social media profiles and interact with people who engage with our content
  • Create Buzz with PR
  • Create and foster relationships with customer advocates, journalists, bloggers, and influencers in the B2B marketing and sales space
  • Manage and execute press releases for major company milestones and for general brand awareness among our industry and the VC community
  • Measure and Optimize Content Performance
  • Produce high-quality articles, white papers, blogs, press releases, email marketing messages, case studies, presentation content, survey reports and web copy
  • Edit content produced by your team, including conceptualizing the projects upfront, assigning projects and overseeing development and copy-editing prior to publishing
  • Continuously measure and improve content performance; create reports leveraging Google Analytics, Marketing Automation, and social media analytics tools
  • Build and maintain editorial calendar and written guidelines
  • Stay up-to-date with the latest industry trends and customer challenges in order to build a more effective editorial calendar
  • Interact with content specialists, graphic designers and internal team members to create and review all content & ensure consistent message
  • Push the business to adopt better content creation practices through frequent testing of new content formats and distribution channels, including championing the increased use of data visualization
  • Management of all creative resources including designers, writers, and other agency personnel


Required Skills

  • 5+ years experience in content marketing and communication leadership, ideally in B2B SaaS
  • Demonstrated success in building, positioning, and cultivating a strong brand
  • Demonstrated effective and persuasive oral and written communication experience
  • BA/BS Degree in marketing, communications, journalism or a related field
  • Experience working with cross functional teams to support a joint outcome
  • Motivated, driven, scrappy, and enjoys a fast paced startup environment
  • Strong knowledge of content marketing strategy, content syndication and distribution channels
  • Project management skills and understanding how to manage content with a focus on the delivery of results in the form of traffic, leads and sales
  • Experience with web content management systems
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Senior Product Designer

Aula Education

The short version ⏳ Mission: Shape everything 'design' at Aula and be the guiding voice for design throughout the whole product. Who: A humble and curious product designer who loves to deliver quality work that delivers impact. Aula is an educational technology company and that is a big reason for why you are applying. How: Work on all levels of the product, from gathering feedback from educators and students to designing beautiful solutions. Work hand-in-hand with product managers, engineers, learning specialists and our CPO (also a designer) to implement your designs. About you 🙋🙋

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Remote Customer Support Specialist (Technical Support)


Our Remote Customer Support team is continuing to grow and we’re on the search for exceptional people who can help us build & support our West Coast presence.  We're looking for people who currently sit in the following time zones: Pacific Time, Mountain Time, or Central Time

As a Remote Customer Support Specialist, you will provide a helping hand to our Customers who are growing their business with HubSpot.  Our team delivers a human and consultative support experience through creative, technical problem-solving and a thorough knowledge of how the HubSpot software works.

In this role, you will:

  • Work 100% remotely to partner with our customers and effectively resolve issues through phone (primary channel), email, and chat.
  • Maintain comprehensive knowledge of HubSpot to diagnose software issues, engaging with our product and engineering teams to solve more complex product issues
  • Collaborate with account managers or sales teams to identify opportunities for existing customers to use more services
  • Provide support & guidance to marketers, salespeople, and service professionals across our customer base that use the HubSpot software
  • Help customers navigate a variety of tools & features within HubSpot
  • Communicate thoughtful, customized solutions that help customers move forward and grow their business
  • Show composure, resilience, and flexibility as customer needs evolve and case volume changes.

We are looking for people who:

  • Possess technical aptitude or familiarity with software concepts
  • Are interested in building technical knowledge around APIs, HTML, & CSS
  • Have demonstrated experience in customer service and are passionate about the customer experience
  • Can autonomously troubleshoot and further investigate to fix a problem
  • Adapt quickly to changing priorities and customer needs
  • Have remote experience or an ability to be self-sufficient and autonomous to meet goals in a remote setting
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Software Engineer - Terraform Cloud


Why work at HashiCorp?

At HashiCorp we have a set of principles that give us a shared understanding so we can act collectively and in a consistent manner. Our core principle is one of integrity. Integrity builds trust, upon which the strongest relationships are built. When we trust others, we are more willing to be open and engage. We must foster relationships internally to create a friendly, productive, and positive environment and externally with our users, partners, and customers to drive the adoption of our tools and products.We also value top-notch collaboration and communication skills, both among internal teams and in how we interact with our users. We take care to balance and be responsive to the needs of our open source community as well as our enterprise level customers.Engineering at HashiCorp is a remote team. While prior experience working remotely isn't required, we are looking for team members who perform well given a high level of independence and autonomy.Some of the reasons our team have said they love working at HashiCorp is:The remote-first culture gives me a lot of flexibility to balance work with other personal and family commitments. I'm able to adapt my schedule to fit in the things I've not been able to at previous jobs, without the expectation of also being always on. Everyone has been encouraging of having clear boundaries between work and non-work time.What would you be working on?HashiCorp’s Terraform is an open source project that enables you to safely and predictably create, change, and improve production infrastructure via the CLI. It codifies APIs into declarative configuration files that can be shared among team members, treated as code, edited, reviewed, and versioned.Terraform Cloud is built on top of our open source project Terraform. Terraform Enterprise is the best way to collaborate, validate, and execute Terraform in organizations large and small. Check out our demo to learn more.Our product is deployed to customers in a multi-tenant SaaS environment and as a single-tenant installation within private networks.In this role you can expect to:Build, iterate on, and ship features to make working with Terraform Enterprise a phenomenal experience for HashiCorp customersContribute to various parts of our product, which consists of a Ruby on Rails backend, an Ember.js frontend, and distributed Go servicesHelp own operations, reliability, availability, and security of the SaaS and private installationsYou should apply to join the team if you:You have experience running, testing, and contributing to one of the following: a backend application (e.g., Ruby on Rails, Django, Express.js) a frontend application (e.g., Ember.js, React) distributed services (e.g., Go, Java) You have experience operating and maintaining production systems in a Linux and public cloud environmentYou are familiar with TerraformYou are familiar with infrastructure management concepts and ecosystemYou are familiar with distributed systems conceptsAt HashiCorp, we are committed to hiring and cultivating a diverse team. If you are on the fence about whether you meet our requirements, please apply anyway!All work requires excellent written communication skills, remote work doubly so. For this reason, we require a cover letter for your application to be considered complete. In your cover letter, please describe why you're interested in working at HashiCorp, and what draws you to this role in particular! Specifics of your past experiences that are relevant to this role are great to include, too.HashiCorp embraces diversity and equal opportunity. We are committed to building a team that represents a variety of backgrounds, perspectives, and skills. We believe the more inclusive we are, the better our company will be.

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Senior Digital Marketing Manager

Greenback Expat Tax Services

Greenback Expat Tax Services is a company that specializes in preparing tax returns for Americans living overseas. We are a highly energetic, positive, resourceful team working virtually across the globe. We believe that executional excellence is key to success. We are currently seeking a Digital Marketing Manager that can manage our new customer acquisition and customer experience end to end for the business. This role would have two direct reports: one (part time) marketing project manager, and one full time content strategist, as well as freelance specialists in areas of web development, design, SEO, etc.

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Technical Writer/ Copy Writer

CodeLathe Technologies Inc

At CodeLathe, we are building the world’s most powerful enterprise file services platform that organizes enterprise data, enhances collaboration and productivity while providing ironclad data protection. Our product FileCloud is quickly becoming the standard in Enterprise File Services space and it is widely used by Global 2000, Fortune 500 and world leading organizations in city, state and federal governments. We are based out of Austin, Texas, USA and looking for talented people anywhere in the globe. For more info please check our website.Top Ten Reasons to Join Us Work with a world class engineering team that is out to change the world Fast growing company with lots of growth opportunities Strong engineering and product focused culture 100% Remote Job – Work comfortably from your home office Unique, customer driven software development process Work on the challenging technical problems – File Systems, Search, AI, Distributed Systems. Work on widely used cutting edge tech stack Gender diversity – Men (60%), Women (40%) Part of a huge 10+ Billion $ and growing market space Competitive compensation based on experience and locationResponsibilitiesLead content creation projects across the companyInterview product teams and research topics to write whitepapersCreate technical and instructional manuals, produce release notesImprove technical illustrations by collaborating with technical and design teamsCopywrite/edit website feature pages to simplify the content for target audienceWrite technical documentation – end users guides, administrator guides, blog posts, FAQs and reference documentsCreate presentations for partners and customers explaining product featuresPlan and write content for web publishing, emails, and product messagingTurn product requirements into a clear and engaging story for customers (across all touch points including UI labels, emails, and online copy)Ensure content has a consistent style, tone, and approach, by creating a style guideRequired Qualifications3+ years of professional writing experience and writing web and mobile content, preferably for interactive user experiences (Experience in an Enterprise Software Company is a big plus)Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent in English, Journalism, or CommunicationsProficient in writing concise/technical documents and design illustrationsMaintain and evolve content standards, including voice and toneAt ease managing multiple projects, setting stakeholder expectations, working individually and collaborating across teamsExcellent, highly creative communication and critical-thinking skillsSelf-starter, highly motivated and works with little or no supervisionAttention to detailGenuinely passionate about writing; takes ownership and pride in their jobLocation: Remote (Work from Anywhere). If you are interested, please send your resume to Please note the Job ID:MKT4 in the email subject. Compensation is based on experience and location.

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Tier 3 Customer Support Engineer

Do you enjoy troubleshooting technical issues and are detail-oriented? Are you able to communicate technical information simply and easily to technical and non-technical customers?If so, we’d like you to learn about!At, we believe that providing great customer support is a matter of integrity.We won’t feel good about the product we’ve built if customers can’t figure out how to use it, if it has incomplete documentation, or if bugs don’t get resolved.We invest heavily in our Customer Success team with the goal of being overstaffed so that our customers interact with a live person and get a timely resolution.In this role, you’ll work on the following things and more:Our Customer Success (Support) Team’s name reflects its primary goal: maximizing our customers’ success.Daily responsibilities in pursuit of this goal include providing technical support and generating written content.You will will help triage customer reported issues and respond to them via phone, email, and chat.In addition to providing customized solutions and recommendations, you will be asked to track recurring issues and report them to the appropriate team or individual.You can further specialize in things like technical documentation, internationalization, and knowledge base once hired into this role.Minimum Qualifications:5+ years of Customer Support / Service experience for a SaaS or technical business services company.Ability to communicate technical information in a simplified, easy to understand manner.Excellent written and verbal communication skills.Top-notch customer demeanor.Preferred Qualifications:8+ years of Customer Support / Service experience.Knowledge of hosting-related topics and technologies like TCP/IP, IP routing, DNS, FTP, HTTP, Email, Firewalls, SSL/TLS, Unix, or Linux.Experience working on a remote team.

Who Is Clevertech?Clevertech is a leading tech consultancy that is on a mission to build bespoke digital solutions for the world’s most innovative organizations. Based in New York City with fully remote development teams, Clevertech has built core product offerings for clients valued in excess of $100 million. The problems we solve everyday are real and require creativity, grit, and determination. We are building a culture that challenges norms while fostering experimentation and personal growth. Who Are You?Excellent interpersonal and communication skills. You are a People Person.Exhibit a high degree of professionalism, integrity, and EQ.You are a self-starter with the ability to deliver results with little supervision while managing multiple projects.You have a proven ability to build and maintain candidate pipelines that yield high-quality candidates for short and long term hiring needs.You are customer focused and have attention to detail.A high energy level, a strong sense of urgency, and a desire to work in a fast-paced environment.What is the Job?Applicant ReviewVideo-based InterviewsTechnical testing managementShort turn around timesYou will NOT be sourcingOur Benefits:We know that people do their best work when they’re taken care of. So we make sure to offer great benefits.Competitive Vacation PackageAnnual Financial Allowance for YOUR developmentFlexible Family LeaveClevertech Gives Back ProgramClevertech U (Leadership Program, Habit Building, New Skills Training)Clevertech Swag Strong Clevertech CommunityWant to learn more about Clevertech and the team? Check out clevertech.careersClevertech Culture Video

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Jr. Product Development Coordinator


Clevertech is looking for a Jr. Product Development Coordinator to join our worldwide team.We are looking for a team member to help us delight clients and produce success for our client projects. How? By being sensitive to and understanding client concerns and coordinating effective responses with members of the product development team.Your day will consist of working across several teams, attending daily stand-ups, assisting in the management of client expectations, working directly with clients as needed in regards to project features and functionality.Our vision at Clevertech is to provide enterprises a world-class development team that executes on their most ambitious goals. Your demeanor, tone, and professionalism are the public face of Clevertech’s services.Attention to detail, being quick on your feet to problem solve, and superb communication skills are highly desired.REQUIREMENTS:Clients love you. You know what they want, sometimes before they do. That’s your superpower.You have a consistently positive attitude and are interested in learning new things. Excellent communication, analytical, and interpersonal skills are your best strengths.Being friendly isn’t enough. Prioritization and organization are also key factors for success in this role.Experience Required:Bachelor’s Degree at minimum is requiredAt least 3 years of professional work experienceSpectacular achievements with clientsDemonstrated ability to learn fast and solve unique challengesExperience with the G Suite, GitHub and/or ZenHub a plusKey Qualities:Poised and professional demeanor with a high intellectual curiosityTech-savvy, yet no prior experience in a technical role requiredStrong verbal and written communication skills: concise, articulate and polishedAbility to multitask and prioritize tasks effectively in a fast-moving environmentExcellent time management skillsHighly organized and detail-oriented.Strong interpersonal skills and the ability to build relationshipsOur BenefitsWe know that people do their best work when they’re taken care of. So we make sure to offer great benefits.Competitive Vacation PackageAnnual Financial Allowance for YOUR developmentFlexible Family LeaveClevertech Gives Back ProgramClevertech U (Leadership Program, Habit Building, New Skills Training)Clevertech SwagStrong Clevertech CommunityHow We WorkWhy do people join Clevertech? To make an impact. To grow themselves. To be surrounded by developers who they can learn from. We are truly excited to be creating waves in an industry under transformation.True innovation comes from an exchange of knowledge across all of our teams. To put people on the path for success, we nurture a culture built on trust, collaboration, and personal growth. You will work in small feature-based cross-functional teams and be empowered to take ownership.We make a point of constantly evolving our experience and skills. We value diverse perspectives and fostering personal growth by challenging everyone to push beyond our comfort level and try something new.The result? We produce meaningful workGetting HiredWe hire people from a variety of backgrounds who are respectful, collaborative, and introspective. Members of the tech team, for example, come from diverse backgrounds having worked as copy editors, graphic designers, and photographers prior to joining Clevertech.Our hiring process focuses not only on your skills but also on your professional and personal ambitions. We want to get to know you. We put a lot of thought into the interview process in order to get a holistic understanding of you while being mindful of your time. You will solve problems derived from the work we do on a daily basis followed by thoughtful discussions around potential fit. Whatever the outcome, we want you to have a great candidate experience. Learn more about our hiring processWant to learn more about Clevertech and the team? Check out's Career Growth Video

Your responsibilitiesManage inbound and outbound sales and handle B2B customer accounts across multiple SaaS verticalsDevelop and manage the sales pipeline. Skilfully execute each phase of the sales process from pipeline generation to closing the dealRepresent at international SaaS conferences and tradeshowsBuild long-term relationships with our customers and implement win-win modelsClosely work with the marketing team to ensure lead generation, high conversion, and customer retentionWhat makes you a great candidate2+ years of sales-related experience in B2B software applicationsYou can learn on the fly and quickly grasp complex technical concepts (API integrations etc.)Experience with SaaS business models and a good knowledge of SaaS ecosystems is a mustGood project management skills and a good sense of prioritizationAbility to listen, understand and transform customer needs into suitable solutionsProactive and result-driven attitude, excellent English communication skills, other languages are a plusAbility to work independently as well as being a team playerSaaS savvy, previous experience working with CRM (e.g. HubSpot), sales outreach platforms and other sales toolsFamiliarity with APIs and integrations is a plus

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Senior Ruby on Rails + React Engineer


Are you an Engineer looking to create something that will change the way people think about innovation? Do you want to work with cutting-edge visualization, collaboration, and social ideation technologies at the same time?As a Senior Rails Engineer at Aha!, you will have an excellent opportunity to join a self-funded and profitable company that is growing fast. Aha! was founded by a proven team of experts. More than 300,000 users worldwide trust our roadmap software to build products customers love.We are looking for someone who:Is experienced in Ruby-on-RailsHas worked on key functionality for a cloud-based productHas a computer science degree or demonstrated experience solving challenging CS problemsWants to work on a major aspect of product functionality from back-end algorithms through to the user interfaceWants to be great and work in a fast-moving, online environment where the end-user is keyWe are committed to being great, and we want someone who:Can work at a fast-paced company where the feedback cycle is measured in hours rather than weeksHas a "get it done" attitude and a background of delivering superb work again and againIs seeking a career-defining opportunity and a proven, results-oriented team that has sold multiple software companiesWe are building a distributed team, and you can work from anywhere in North America for this role. We offer generous salary, equity, benefits, and a profit-sharing program.

51Blocks is Denver's premier boutique Internet Marketing Agency. We provide SEO, PPC, Social Media, and other internet marketing tools and services for small businesses. We are looking for an excellent communicator that can help manage accounts. Our goal is to hire passionate individuals who want to work with a great team and wonderful clients in the comfort of their own home. Is this you or what you like?Autonomy - We welcome people who are looking to drive their own success. Someone who enjoys working without a boss looking over your shoulder. Someone who likes to have their own time and space to do their best work. Together we will set goals and define what success looks like together.Purpose - At 51Blocks we are looking for someone who enjoys growing and developing business online - helping them understand their ROI and showing them how we grow their business. We have people who love helping small business but at the same time are growing their passion in different areas. For example, we have Reggie who loves music and creates his own. Any time we run into anything in that field he loves working and helping those people. What is your passion and how can we align that?Always Learning - We welcome new ideas and always want you to be learning. We hope that you would have a curiosity that pushes you to learn and grow consistently.Who You Will Report To - You will work directly with the Founder and Owner of the company along with the Marketing Manager. Requirements:2-3+ years' experience with SEO & local SEO: (Google + Local)1-2 years Experience with Amazon a plus Be able to maintain normal office hours in a quiet working environment with a fast internet connectionLove being part of a virtual team atmosphere Experience working with law, dental, or auto clients a plusGoogle Analytics certified (or plan to become within 30 days of hiring)Experience with social media a plus Basic Understanding of WordpressBasic knowledge of Google Analytics & Google Search Console Comfortable conducting client calls one-on-oneExperience or ability to organize task workMust be detail oriented and very thorough with your workNeed to be able to thrive in a fast pace environmentMust be a quick learnerPassion for marketing is a must!Must have a positive outlook on lifeWorking RemotelyHours - You must work US hours US Based - You must be based in the United States (non-negotiable)Number of Hours - This will be an hourly position. You will start with a few clients and then move up from there. Every client has a certain number of hours you will work on them. You will set the strategy and then execute against it. Moving Fast - We will be moving fast with this position so please have availability to start right away.1099 to W2 employment offeredIf this position sounds like something you want to be a part of please apply. We will reach back out in a few days if there is a good fix. We hope that whoever applies enjoys having fun and working hard every day.

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Senior UX Writer (Freelance)


Hi There! We are looking for a Senior UX Writer to work on an ongoing basis with our team. This is a contract / freelance position. We typically pay $50 - $100 per hour based on your experience and your portfolio.You have :At least 1 year of in-product writing experience (UI, notifications, errors, tooltips, etc.)A portfolio of UX writing (please send with your application)A knack for translating complex technical talk into people speak (we like humans)A mind for end-to-end experiences and integrationsAn ability to be both creative and consistent within a controlled vocabularyFollowed or created writing style guidelinesExperience partnering with designers, researchers, and product managersPassion for punctuation and are partial to punsAbout WorkBKWe are a group of digital product designers based in San Francisco and Brooklyn, NY. We work on everything from branding strategy to product development with companies and projects we love.

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Senior UX/UI Designer (Freelance)


We are looking for a Senior UI/UX designer to work on an ongoing basis with our team. This is a contract / freelance position. Our rates range from $80-$140 /hr based on experience. Who Should Apply?You should apply if : You are a talented designer who consistently delivers visuals and interactions of highest quality on timelines that would be unrealistic for many others. You take pride in your creative vision, execution and communication skills. You are a strong individual contributor, but also a team player. You enjoy taking ownership of full products, and are stifled by large design organizations.You get a rush from seeing your designs live in the real world.What will your day-to-day look like?Lead design projects across the entire product lifecycle and multiple product launches• Work with small multi-disciplinary teams. You’ll partner closely with engineering, product, and business folks to find elegant but practical solutions to design challenges• Be autonomous. You’ll take full ownership of your work, and you take responsibility for every last detail, every step of the way• Rapidly produce multiple concepts and prototypes; knowing when to apply pixel-perfect attention to detail, and when to make low-fi sketches and prototypes. Requirements:• 2+ years of experience designing consumer and mobile products• Had ownership of many consumer products over the years, and understand what it takes to create awesome, consumer-oriented experiences• Biased toward action and execution. You get nervous if you’re not sketching concepts, tweaking flows or polishing the designs that represent the big-thinking work• Great communication skills that help you work with product and engineering to make product visions come to life• Constantly looking to hone your design instinct through user feedback. Whether through hands-on user research, or by designing options for an A/B test• You have an online portfolio or PDF that you can share with usAbout Us / Who We Are / Our Story:We are a group of digital product designers based in San Fransico and Brooklyn, NY. We work on everything from branding strategy to product development with companies we love. Remote first ( obviously ) Thanks and hope to hear from you.

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Client Success Engineer

Surge IO, Inc.

Surge builds premium products to enable and empower publishers. Our real-time revenue prediction capability is the cornerstone of our product suite. We develop deep partnerships with the publishers we work with and are widely used by different teams within a publisher like editorial, revenue optimizations, partnerships, marketing and ad operations. We give our clients the ability to view every single ad impression served on their site and tie it back to the exact amount of revenue it generated along with the content that the user was viewing and the user that the ad impression was delivered to. Every single one of our customers is important to us, and we provide an extremely high level of service, continually going above and beyond. We're a small team that's 100% remote.Job Description About you/the role: You love data. You love spreadsheets. You love communicating with customers. You have some experience in the digital publishing industry, either owning, operating, or working with a web-based publication. You understand how the ad industry works. You can speak about the publisher ecosystem, terms like DFP for Publishers, AdExchange, Header Bidding don’t intimidate you. You understand Google AMP, Facebook instant articles and the web & ad ecosystem in general.Manage and coordinate all Surge’s technical activities that includes schedules, deliverables and plans for engineering work. Monitor work for quality checks and ensure effective communication and coordination on assigned projects between all stakeholders which will include engineering, UI/UX, data science, client services, product and more. Generate a deep understanding of the implementation process and oversee the technical requirements, scopes for custom work and manage the evolution of the product from a technical stand-point.Responsible and accountable to ensure that all assigned technical work is coordinated and that customer/company requirements are being met. Expected to have sufficient technical knowledge and awareness of details to be able to recognize when technical problems are developing and to provide timely resolution. A technical background is necessary (specifically on the front end, understanding and being able to debug javascript, and problem solve). ResponsibilitiesManage product asks from clients end-to-end (including coordination with internal engineers, product, design, etc)Create periodic project status reports for stakeholdersRequires exceptional verbal and written communication skillsAssist in the preparation of engineering project proposals including technical definition, schedule estimation and resource planningParticipate in client/internal meetings and resolving client/engineering and project management issuesDevelop technical documentation that will be utilized internally and externally and maintain a repository of documents that may need updatingTranslate technical details into business terms and help with bridging technical gaps on the client and internal sides Skills/Attributes RequiredTechnical chops to diagnose, liaise and communicate internally and externally on bugs, issues and technical escalations Project management experience directly related to building and managing softwareProficient understanding of the publisher advertising technologies, programmatic bidding and ad serving processesPositive attitude with skills and experience being a part of a remote team and a growing start-upCMS and Analytics experience needed – ideally should have been a product owner or crucial stakeholder of the CMS or Analytics product Experience in Digital Media and Online Publishing, or past experience with steep learning curves.To Apply Please respond to each item in the Skills/Attributes Required list with your experience instead of a cover letter. Please send responses and copy of resume to

Every package a business ships needs to get to its customers on time, every time. That’s why we take shipping seriously at Packlane. Customers won’t settle for good enough and neither will we. We’re looking for someone (that’s you) who takes shipping and logistics as seriously as we do. With the right person coordinating our shipping efforts, we won’t have to settle for “good enough.” Our customers come to us because they want what’s best for their business. And the best starts with Packlane...and you!What you’ll do:Key contact for customer and 3rd party carriers to get accurate quotes & coordinate product pick up and delivery.Tracking, tracing, and updating the status (and cost, when applicable) of shipments on a daily basis.Generate packaging labels for special needs shipments and assure on-time delivery for Sample Kit fulfillment.Ensure compliance with import/export regulations, customs regulations, legal requirements, and company policies.Creating BOL’s for LTL and TL freight shipments, sometimes with special location-based services.Dynamically prioritize day-to-day workload and have the flexibility to adjust as new priorities come up.Work with Packlane customer support reps to address customer shipping questions and concerns.Other shipping-related projects and tasks assigned by your supervisor.Show off your proficient, positive, and proactive personality in every communication with our customers to always be solving (not deflecting) our customer’s needs.Be a steadfast Know-It-All when it comes to order status, product info, technical issues, pricing and more. And if you don’t know it all, you’ll know how to track it down. Fast.Who You Are:A total go-getter. You’re bored if you're not rapid-task-switching and you think in parameters. Nothing is more satisfying for you than knowing a shipment has arrived successfully and on-time.Confident. You're excited to be the face of Packlane to the other businesses who order with us. You’re ready to share your personality, think critically, and problem-solve from start-to-finish. You're into video chatting with your coworkers, hopping on a phone call with customers when email or chat isn't a good fit, and you jump at the chance to collaborate with other teams at Packlane.Detail-obsessed. You love to discover anything overlooked and live to aggregate the complexities. You plan the tough solutions and find it super rewarding to turn things around with concerned customers.Enthusiastic and patient. You look forward to being part of a close-knit team that leads the fun company culture at Packlane as beacons of diplomacy, friendliness, and responsiveness all the time, every time. A communicator at heart, teamwork and clarity keep you going when the work piles on.Reliable. Accountable. Dependable. And all the other good -ables. You know what they are.Experience working with inventory management, logistics, and excellent customer service skills.Required Technical Skills:Project management systems like Trello and Jira (or similar).You know the ins and outs of Google Suite.Slack, including threading and emoji proficiency ;-)Spreadsheet wizard.Excellent grammar and consistent use of spell-check.Self-directed fast learner. We try new systems frequently.Nuts and Bolts:Work from almost anywhere! This is a full-time, remote position.U.S. residents receive up to $300 per month reimbursement for your healthcare premium.$18-$20 USD/hour, depending on experience.International applicants are welcome!

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Compatibility Manager


We are looking for an experienced manager to lead a team that does development and marketing.Our company developers and sells WordPress plugins. We have a distributed team where everyone works from home.An important part of our work is to build and maintain compatibility with other WordPress software - themes and plugins. For this, we have a dedicated “compatibility” team, which develops the code that makes our plugin work together with other software. The same compatibility team is also responsible for the marketing cooperation with partners.As our operation grows, we are seeking an experienced manager located in Europe (or very similar time zone) to lead this team.Who should apply?If you’re a self-driven person, with proven management experience (especially in the technical field), familiar with the WordPress Ecosystem, and love working with people, you might be the right candidate.You will be managing a seven-people team of mainly developers and interact with partners on a daily basis. You will have an immediate impact on the marketing results and will react to market shifts in a timely manner. You need to feel comfortable communicating on all levels and have an understanding of general business needs.In order to fulfill the job expectations you need to have:+5 years of experience managing remote technical teams - experience with marketing teams is a big plusSpecial ability to look at the big picture and make data-driven decisions based on own research and existing market trendsBe familiar with WordPress ecosystems and plugins/plugin authors - if you already have strong connections, it’s a great plus (make sure to mention this when you apply)Good knowledge of PHP, Javascript, HTML and CSS, allowing you to effectively manage a highly technical team. You don’t need to be an expert programmer, but you need to know the material.Be a self-driven person, good at prioritizing tasks and motivated by tangible resultsExcellent written and verbal English skillsLocation: European Time Zone or similarWe are a remote-first company, working with 100 people from 40 different countries. In the Compatibility team, we have people from Serbia, Egypt, Poland, Spain and France.We have been developing WordPress plugins for +10 years now.We communicate daily via a video calls, a chat system and emails. We have daily team meetings and weekly meetings with management. You can work from home, or anywhere where you feel the most productive s it’s a remote job with a multicultural work environment.If you value honesty, creativity, positive attitude, quality and excellent support, you’re in the right place. These are our Company Values.What We Offer:Being part of an incredibly talented team who live and breath by strong company values and whose actions always stem from helpfulness and internal drive. We also offer the usual drill: paid vacations and national holidays, office set-up reimbursement, scholarship contributions, Kindle library and more!

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Freelance Writer of Literature and/or Poetry Guides


LitCharts writers are an exclusive group of excellent writers with a deep understanding of literature and how to teach it to others. LitCharts writers have gone on to become best-selling nonfiction writers, 2017 national book award finalists, New York Times journalists, Harvard literature PhD candidates, and more. Now you can apply to join them!We're hiring writers to help expand our collection of nearly 1000 literature and poetry guides. Here are two examples of our guides, one for literature and one for poetry::Literature: can work from anywhere and compensation varies based on the length and difficulty of the work. Pace and schedule are flexible, though our ideal candidates will have at least 10 hours per week to spend writing LitCharts. Please send a resume as well as two writing samples to Samples should be academic papers that demonstrate your ability to analyze literature and/or poetry with insight and clarity. Samples should be at least 5 pages long, and can be up to any length (a thesis would be fine, for instance). We will not consider applications that do not include academic papers focused on the analysis literature (as in novels) or poetry.